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Safety Precautions When It Comes to Your Septic Tank

Hose pumping out home septic tank through an access riser.

Your septic tank is a necessity, but you usually don’t even think about it until a problem crops up or you’ve marked your calendar to have it inspected or cleaned out. However, a septic tank is a hazardous piece of equipment, and if it fails, the damage that results can be catastrophic. Here are some things to do to make sure your septic tank is always in good working order.

Don’t Place Heavy Equipment Over Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank may be a robust piece of equipment, and many are made of concrete or fiberglass. Still, you should never drive or park over the area where your septic tank is buried. Nor should you store heavy equipment over it. This can cause the tank to break or collapse.

Have Your Septic System Regularly Inspected

Though you may need your septic tank pumped out only every few years, there are some things you ought to do regularly to keep the system healthy. Have professionals check the tank, leach field, and distribution box. This helps find and fix small problems before they become large and expensive.

Keep the Septic Tank Lid Tightly Closed

Only a professional should attempt to open the lid of your septic tank. Just breathing in the gases from the tank can be deadly. If the tank is being pumped or inspected, keep children and pets away from the area.

Be Conservative With Water Use

Using only as much water as you need can extend your septic tank’s lifespan. Flooding the tank with water day in and day out can cause the system to fail, and a failed septic system must be considered an emergency. Besides cutting down on water use, you should direct your gutter drains and other types of drains away from the leach field. Too much water at once can overwhelm it as well.

Keep Trees Away From the Area

Only grasses and shrubs should be planted over or even near the septic tank. There are trees, such as willows, whose roots are so hydrophilic that they will infiltrate the main drain that feeds the septic tank. It’s not unheard of for the roots to be so invasive that they’ll burst the pipe.

Flush Only Bodily Wastes and Toilet Paper

Anything you flush down the toilet will end up in your septic tank. Some items will simply clog the drain, but others such as harsh chemicals can destroy the system’s beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help to break down the items that should enter the septic system.

Rely on Experts for Assistance

As a homeowner, the things you need to do to make sure your septic tank works safely and efficiently are simple. Reserve the harder jobs of installation, inspection, pumping, and repair for our professionals. In business for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on our experience, skills, punctuality, and courtesy when it comes to our customers. For anything to do with your septic tank services, don’t hesitate to call Curry Plumbing of Bryan, TX today.

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