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3 Pricey Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

It is relatively impossible to ignore some plumbing issues like a leak that is flooding your floor or a faucet that no longer functions. But, unfortunately, some plumbing issues can be easy to overlook, like a slow to clear drain. Sadly, most Curry Plumbing homeowners can turn a blind eye and hope that the issue will somehow correct itself. But in reality, that is nothing more than a fantasy and one that could turn into a very costly mistake. Below are three mistakes that you need to avoid to save yourself some expensive plumbing repair bills in the future.

Never Trust A Jug Of Chemical Drain Cleaner

When you see that a drain is slow to clear, never rely on a jug of caustic chemicals to resolve the issue. These so-called drain cleaners and clog removers rely on heat and harsh chemical reactions to melt away drain clogs. But at the same time, that heat can be doing some significant damage to your home’s drain lines. And sadly, it might not even remove the clog that was your initial concern. So the only reliable resolution to a slow clearing drain is professional drain cleaning and clog removal.

Never Overlook A Minor Issue

The first rule of plumbing is that a minor issue will always turn into a significant problem if ignored long enough. A tiny water leak will become a massive flood, a slow to clear drain will become a completely clogged drain and flood your home, and a troublesome valve will break. However, addressing a minor plumbing issue is likely to result in a fast and affordable solution. Unfortunately, too many people choose to ignore the tiny issue and are forced to deal with bigger problems in the future like extensive water damage, toxic black mold infestation, and contamination of their water supply. Call a licensed plumber at the first indication of an issue to prevent more costly problems in the future.

Drain Abuse

The drains in your home are not meant to be used to dispose of trash, food waste, and other garbage. Sink and tub drains are only designed to handle dirty water, and the very fine bits of dirt washed from your hands, body, or hair. So when you wash other debris down the drain lines, you are sure to discover a clog shortly.

The other common reason for a clogged drain is something that should never have been flushed down a toilet. Toilets are only made to handle human waste and toilet paper. Any other paper products or trash will result in a nasty clog that could flood your home with raw sewage. Never toss trash, plastic, paper towels, hair, dental floss, or other waste items in the toilet unless you want to deal with a nasty clog and costly plumbing bill.

When you notice any of these issues related to your home’s drains, call (979) 977-1655 or click here to request an appointment. The licensed plumbers at Curry Plumbing will arrive promptly to provide a cost-effect and drain-safe solution.

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