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Drain Cleaning in Bryan, TX

A clogged drain in Bryan, TX can really put a damper on your day. When you are facing a clogged or slow drain, you need a reliable plumbing company. That’s where our crew at Curry Plumbing comes in. Our professional plumbers are highly trained and fully licensed. Thanks to our speedy service, we can have your drain cleaning in Bryan, TX done quickly so that you can go about your day. We offer honest and up-front pricing so you know exactly what you will pay. We are also locally owned and operated, so you know we are nearby and ready to assist when you need us.

Some Facts About Drain Cleaning

Slow drains and clogging are something you will deal with from time to time. Even if you are careful, sometimes, hair or other substances get washed down the drain and block it. First, let’s go over some common causes of clogged drains.

Most clogs are caused by organic substances like hair, skin cells, soap scum, food scraps and dirt. As you wash up, all of these can go down the drain and slowly accumulate. While you can help prevent this with screens and other gadgets, debris can sneak by. Kitchen drains can also clog thanks to food scraps and oil. Many oils, particularly oils that are solid at room temperature such as bacon fat, can seriously clog a drain. Older drains are more susceptible.

The drains in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs frequently get clogged. Kitchens deal with food debris from cooking and dishwashing. Some people also pour used cooking fats down the drain, and that’s a good way to clog it up quickly. Bathroom sinks see dirt, makeup and hair all washed down the drain, and most bathroom drains don’t have much of a screen to catch this.

Your bathtub or shower deals with old skin, hair and all of your bath products going down the drain. These substances can build up on the walls of the pipe and eventually cause a clog. After all, anyone with long hair has dealt with a big hairball before. Imagine how one of those down your drain will affect your pipes.

Backed-up toilets can be caused by large amounts of waste. They can also be blocked by too much toilet paper. In addition, some people try to flush away things that don’t degrade. These include baby wipes and tampons. All of these issues can result in a clogged toilet. When a toilet backs up and overflows, it can leave you dealing with a smelly mess.

Drain cleaning and drain snaking in Bryan, TX can help clear out clogs. Our plumber can examine your pipes and determine why they are blocked. They can then quickly take care of any problems. While some over-the-counter products might help you clear out a minor clog, a professional plumber can handle any clog you happen to face. They can also handle much deeper clogs than any consumer product can. What’s more, you should be careful of pouring harsh chemicals down your drains. If you are dealing with frequent clogs and slow drainage, it may be time to call in our professionals. No matter what type of clog you have, the team at Curry Plumbing can clear it and help make sure it won’t happen again.

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Curry Plumbing should be your choice for drain cleaning services in Bryan, TX. We have the tools and know-how to solve any plumbing problem quickly and easily. Our plumbers are clog experts. We have the tools to eliminate a blockage and clean your drains so they won’t be clogged again soon. With our speedy service and honest pricing, you can be sure your clog will be handled quickly and without any surprise charges. Contact us at (979) 977-1655 today to get your plumbing system draining again.