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4 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Shower Drains Clear

Hair in shower drain siphon. Hose and orifice. Many hairs have caused a pipe blockage and water damage.

A clogged shower drain is a gross problem that generally requires a considerable amount of time and money to correct. In serious cases, professional assistance may be needed to remedy the situation and any associated issues it created. Fortunately, performing some basic maintenance tasks on a regular basis can greatly reduce your risk of having clogs in your shower drain. Here are four simple tips that will help keep your shower drains clear.

1. Use Mesh Drain Screens

Mesh drain screens are used to prevent hair, fibers, and other gunk from going down the drain when you shower. Hair is the most common culprit for shower drain clogs, so keeping hair out of the drain reduces the chances of clogs by a considerable amount. Once a month, remove the screen and dump whatever it has caught into the trash.

2. Choose Your Bath Products Carefully

Some bath products have ingredients that make them more likely to cause shower drain clogs than others. Bath products that contain oils and lotions can leave a greasy residue in the drains, and these can build up over time into an imposing clog. Products intended to exfoliate the skin often contain microbeads that can cause clogs with regular use. When purchasing bath products, make sure that the ones you are buying are able to easily dissolve in water to avoid clogging issues.

3. Flush the Drain Periodically

At least twice per month, you should flush your shower drains to move any residues in the pipes through the plumbing system. The easiest way to flush your drains is to fill a large bucket with hot water and then quickly pour half of the water into the drain to loosen any material inside the pipes. Once that water has drained away, pour the other half of the water into the drain to wash out anything that’s left.

4. Schedule a Professional Drain Cleaning

An annual drain cleaning by a trained plumber will help keep your shower drain clear and flowing freely. This is especially important in the areas around Bryan, TX where hard water (water with a high mineral content) is found. The drain cleaning process used by the professionals at Curry Plumbing will remove hard water residues from inside the pipes, along with any other material that could potentially cause a clog.


Shower drain clogs can be avoided by taking some simple precautionary measures and performing some minor maintenance on a regular basis. Unfortunately, taking these actions won’t completely eliminate the possibility of your shower drain clogging. If your drains are running slow or you suspect there is a clog in your plumbing system, contact the certified plumbers at Curry Plumbing today for assistance. We are ready to take care of all of your plumbing needs.

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