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5 Common Places You Need to Check for Plumbing Leaks

No one likes dealing with water leaks, but unfortunately, they never seem to go away on their own. Especially in older homes or neighborhoods with suboptimal water conditions, pipes corrode, hoses leak, and things just wear out.

Catch those leaks before they get out of control. Ignoring a slow leak can ultimately cost you thousands of dollars in new flooring, drywall repairs, and repaired or new piping and fixtures. If you live in Bryan, TX, or the surrounding area, check these places for leaks, and call the helpful plumbers at Curry Plumbing right away if you see anything suspicious.

1. Under Sinks

You might notice this leak pretty quickly, especially if water drips out from under your sink and leaves puddles on the floor. At this point, though, you might also have a nice, wet, mildewy spot on the bottom of your sink cabinet and some ruined belongings in the cupboard.

A loose water supply connection, worn-out washers, corrosion, and other evils can cause leaks under your sinks, and you’ll need a professional to figure out what’s going on. To catch these leaks before they do any damage to your cupboards, wood floors, or belongings, do a simple check regularly by feeling around below the sink or checking with a flashlight for any signs of moisture.

2. Around Toilets

If you find your toilet leaking, call a plumber right away. People don’t always look in dark corners around and behind toilets. This allows dampness and leaks to go on for some time, causing mold, mildew, and even mushrooms to grow in your bathroom. More aggressive leaks can warp floorboards and, if they’re on the second floor or higher, seep through the ceiling below.

Toilet leaks can start when bolts become loose, the wax ring is improperly sealed, you have misaligned pipes and valves, or your toilet has somehow developed a crack in its bowl or tank. Daily wear and tear can cause toilet parts to wear out, so check them regularly.

3. Tubs and Showers

Tubs and showers are typically wet anyway, so leaks are a little bit harder to spot. When your tub or shower is dry, look for loose tiles, flaking or peeling paint, or curling vinyl flooring. Also, check for stains on the ceiling, mildewy walls, or pooling water around the base of your tub or shower. These are usually giveaways that you have some type of leak.

You might also experience lower water pressure during showers, which could signal a more severe leak in a pipe somewhere. Calling a plumber if you spot these signs can save your bathroom from more costly issues later on.

4. The Washing Machine

Most common washing machine leaks come from faulty or leaky gaskets around the washer’s door. This issue is more problematic for front-loading machines than for top-loading ones.

While doing your laundry, the washing machine also has a lot of water going in and out through water hoses. If one of these starts leaking, you could have some water damage as a result. Keep your eyes peeled for mildew on walls around the machine or wet areas of the walls or floor immediately around your washer.

5. On Ceilings

Water spots developing on your ceilings never bode well. A water leak from an upstairs toilet can easily flow down onto the walls below and come through the ceiling. You might also have a pipe with a pinhole leak, or maybe a bad rainstorm just revealed a leak in your roof. You can’t miss the bubbling paint, drips, and brown rings of moisture.

While it’s tempting to put off dealing with these leaks, hidden damage from long-term slow leaks can affect the structural integrity of your home. It pays to have these leaks checked out and pipes repaired as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Plumbing leaks typically get worse over time and can cause a ton of expensive damage. Keep your eye out for evidence of leaks, and call our team at Curry Plumbing as soon as you spot any issues.

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