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The Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak

Most homeowners have no idea what a slab leak is or why it is essential to know about this potentially costly water leak. But for anyone who lives in a house built on a concrete slab rather than a basement, it is an essential bit of information that could save you a massive amount of money.

What Is A Slab Leak?

A water leak is bad enough. But when that leak is located in a place that is hard to access, the issue becomes even more complex. These are leaks located under the concrete slab foundation of a house. Because there is no basement, the water lines are installed before the concrete is poured. The result is pipes that run under the concrete and stub up through it to service various rooms in your home. But when one of those pipes gets damaged, it can be tough to locate the problem and repair it.

What Makes A Slab Leak So Dangerous?

The biggest issue with a slab leak is that it is under a massive piece of concrete. And in many cases, the concrete forces the water down into the soil rather than letting it surface and draw attention. So that leak will continue to wash out more and more soil until something alerts you to the problem. Unfortunately, there is already significant damage done before you realize that the leak exists in many cases. That is why knowing the warning signs of a slab leak is critical.

Vital Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak

There are many indications of a slab leak. But not all could be present depending on the location of the leak. Some of the most common include:

  • Warm Spots On The Floor – If the leaking water line is a carrying hot water, you will notice a warm spot or area on the floor. Tile flooring is more difficult to detect these hot spots. However, it is easier to feel the warmth if you have carpet, linoleum, or wood flooring. In addition, you can often see the signs of moisture like bulging wood or wet carpet.
  • A Dome On The Floor – When the leak is substantial enough, the water will collect in a small area and create what looks like a small dome on the floor. This is very common with linoleum flooring, but it can also happen with wood or laminate flooring. When you discover a dome, it is crucial to take immediate action as the amount of water leaking also compromises your home’s foundation.  
  • Heaving The Foundation – Water is incredibly powerful, as witnessed by the Grand Canyon. When there is a significant water leak under your home’s foundation, the water can heave or move the entire foundation or a part of it. You could notice cracks in the interior walls and ceilings, damage to the soil near your home’s foundation, or visible cracks on the foundation. When your home’s foundation is heaved, professional help is a must. After the leak is repaired, you will need a structural engineer to assess the damage to your home’s foundation.
  • A Sudden Increase In Your Water Bill – If your water bill suddenly increases significantly, you have a significant water leak somewhere. And unless you have a room you never enter that is filled with water now, you can bet that the leak is under your home and the water is doing some serious damage.

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