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When Is It Time to Replace Your Bathroom Fixtures?

Fresh shower behind wet glass window with water drops splashing. Water running from shower head and faucet in modern bathroom.

Like any fixture or appliance in your home, bathroom fixtures have a lifespan. Besides looking old and dated, they simply may not work as well. You may notice that your shower has started to drip, that your faucets are rusting at their edges, or that your toilet leaks. Here are some bathroom fixtures that you may want to consider replacing in the future.


Toilets see a lot of use, so they’re probably the first bathroom fixture that will need to be replaced. Some toilets develop hairline cracks over time. If you have a leak and it’s the result of a crack, you should tackle the problem as soon as possible. Call our plumbers for residential plumbing services to see whether you should repair it or replace it. They can inspect your toilet and explain your options.

Some homeowners also have constant repair problems with old toilets. If you find you’re always fixing small issues with your toilet, it may be time to simply chuck it and get a more updated one. Finally, toilets tend to rust right beneath the toilet seat. It can be difficult to clean those places, and after years, your toilet can look unsightly. Buying a new toilet is the best solution to an unsightly, rusted toilet.


Showerheads usually last for a long time and can, in fact, last for over a decade if they’re maintained well. However, in Bryan, TX, hard water flows through the pipes and taps, which means your showerhead will have a buildup of minerals on its surface. You’ll see black spots on your shower head or mineral residue around its edges. To avoid this, you should consider replacing your showerhead roughly every year. If you’re good at maintaining and cleaning your shower head, however, then you can easily make it last for 10-15 years.


Like showers, sinks can last for decades if you maintain them properly. However, there are certain signs that indicate you’ll need to replace them sooner. If your sink has a crack in it, it’s definitely time to purchase a new one. A cracked sink can be dangerous as it can suddenly break if someone leans on it. As soon as you notice your sink has a crack in it, start researching replacement models.

Mold is another reason you may want to replace your sink. Sometimes, the sink’s design allows mold to grow in hard-to-reach places. So, even after constant cleaning, you may be unable to remove all of the mold. When this happens, you’re better off buying a new one.

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