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4 Tips for Preventing Clogged Pipes This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to get together with your loved ones and celebrate. Plus, in Bryan, TX, the weather has cooled down from the intense summer heat. You don’t want to spend the day calling emergency plumbers for help because you have a huge clog that ruined your holiday. Check out the top tips for preventing clogged pipes this year that you can use around Thanksgiving and all the upcoming holidays.

1. Keep Track of Your Leftovers

One thing that many people look forward to is their leftovers. You might love turning mashed potatoes and other favorites into new dishes or chowing down on a big turkey sandwich. The temperatures in Bryan, TX around the holiday, are still high enough that you need to put those dishes away before they spoil. Whether you finally get sick of leftovers or have a few dishes that didn’t go over well, never put them in the garbage disposal. Anything you put down the kitchen drain can clog your pipes.

2. Use a Timer

Do you have guests planning to spend the holidays in Bryan, TX with you? Don’t be afraid to use a timer that lets them know when they can hop in the shower. You usually want to wait at least 10 minutes between showers. When several people shower in a row, your plumbing has a hard time keeping up. The hair they shed combined with their beauty products needs time to move through the pipes and into the sewer. When you don’t wait enough time between showers, those materials can build up and form clogs.

3. Avoid Fats

While your garbage disposal can handle a lot of things, it cannot handle grease or other types of fat. You can pour liquids down the drain and throw out most leftovers without worrying. When you pour hot grease and oil down the drain, though, it congeals as it cools and causes large clogs to form in your pipes. You may even need emergency drain cleaning to finish cooking your Thanksgiving meal.

4. Make Use of Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal might just be your best friend around the holidays. It lets you throw out scraps that you usually need to carry outside before they stink up your house. Make sure that you know what you cannot toss down the garbage disposal though, especially when it comes to holiday cooking. Turkey skin, stuffing, coffee grounds, egg shells, rice, and potato skins are just some of the ingredients that are a no-no.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

Enjoying your Thanksgiving is easy when you have the right plumbing tips by your side. Try to give your pipes time to recover between showers, and learn what you can and cannot use in your garbage disposal or send down your drain. Contact Curry Plumbing in Bryan, TX to get your home ready for all of the holidays.

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