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Prepare Your Plumbing System for Summer Vacation

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Summer is the perfect time to take a break and go on vacation, but it’s important to ensure your plumbing system is ready before leaving. Your pipes and other components must be prepared for the scorching temperatures to prevent potential problems. Here are some tips to help you prepare your plumbing system for summer vacation and avoid potential problems.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Turning off the main water supply before you leave is important to avoid flooding. This will ensure that leaks or burst pipes won’t cause serious damage while you’re away. It may also be a good idea to turn off the individual shutoff valves for toilets, sinks, and other fixtures.

Empty Out All Water Sources

Before you leave, make sure to empty all water sources. This includes draining your toilet tanks and turning off the supply lines to your washing machine and dishwasher. This will help prevent any water damage that could occur if a pipe were to burst while you’re away.

If you have an outdoor pool or hot tub, empty out any water in it, and turn off the equipment. This will help to prevent any problems caused by excessive heat or evaporation.

Disconnect All Outdoor Hoses

It’s also important to disconnect all outdoor hoses before leaving for vacation. Leaving them connected could cause them to burst if the temperatures become too high. This can lead to flooding and other serious damage.

Some hoses may also be connected to an irrigation system. If this is the case, turn off the water supply, and disconnect the hose before you go.

Clean Out Drains

To ensure that your drains continue running smoothly, cleaning them out before you leave is a good idea. This includes using a drain snake or other tools to remove any clogs that may be present. If your drains are slow moving, you may need a chemical drain cleaner. This will help to prevent any clogs or backups while you’re away.

To keep your pipes in good shape, it’s also important to ensure no debris or other items cause a blockage in the drains.

Check for Leaks

Take the time to inspect all visible pipes and connections for leaks. It’s important to look for rust or discoloration, which may indicate a problem. If you find any potential issues, contact a plumber before you leave.

Since many leaks are hidden, hiring a professional to check your entire plumbing system before you go is a good idea. This will help ensure that everything is in good working order and can prevent any issues while you’re away. Contact Curry Plumbing if you need help with drain cleaning in Bryan, TX.

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