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When Replacing Plumbing Fixtures Is a Worthwhile Goal

Water pouring out of modern bathroom faucet

As your plumbing fixtures get older, they tend to cause problems. Sure, repairs may help the situation for some time; however, there comes a time when replacement is your only option. If you are unsure whether to replace your plumbing fixtures, check for the below signs.

There Are Problems With Functionality

When plumbing fixtures get older, they develop problems with functionality. Such problems include chronic leaks, making loud noise while the water is running, low water flow, and difficulty with operating the taps. Sometimes, these problems can be remediated; however, there comes a time when nothing else will work, and replacement is your only choice. This is especially the case if these problems persist despite frequent repairs.

Lack of Water Efficiency

Over the past decade, water efficiency has improved dramatically. Faucets and shower heads provide water at a comfortable flow while also maximizing conservation because newer fixtures contain water-saving technology. Modern toilets also use less water when they flush, enabling the average-sized household to save more than 10,000 gallons of water annually. Water savings translates to lower utility bills.

Your Fixtures Are Rusted or Stained

After extensive use, your plumbing fixtures will look worn out. Your plumbing fixtures may be rusted or have significant stains from hard water that are no longer possible to remove. Because you do not want any eye sores in your bathroom, you will want to replace your worn-out plumbing fixtures to have a clean and modern look. If you have hard water, you will also want to consider a water softener.

Tips for Purchasing Plumbing Fixtures

When it is time to purchase new plumbing fixtures, follow the below guidelines to ensure the best outcome:

  • Make sure you purchase your plumbing fixtures from reputable sources to avoid ending up with inferior products. Your plumber will be a good one to ask for recommendations.
  • Do not purchase cheap plumbing fixtures. You may think you are saving money when you go cheap; however, cheap plumbing fixtures are known to break down quicker and not be as water efficient.
  • Look for clearance sales if you can. Clearance sales will help you to purchase top-quality plumbing fixtures while saving big.
  • Make sure the fixtures you purchase have a good WaterSense rating, as good ratings guarantee maximum water efficiency.

If you are not sure which plumbing fixtures to choose, ask your plumber to go over recommendations with you. To replace your plumbing fixtures and for all your general plumbing needs, contact us at Curry Plumbing in Bryan, TX.

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