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3 Facts You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning

Signs Your Drains Need Cleaned

Drain cleaning is a professional cleaning service where plumbers use drain cleaners, such as hydro-jetters and drain snakes, to remove any buildup that has collected in your home’s drains over time. Drain cleaning may sound like a simple process, but it entails more. That is why you should know these three facts about drain cleaning.

1. Store-Bought Cleaners Are Unsuitable for Drain Cleaning

There are several drain cleaners on store shelves that you may be tempted to buy. These commercially available drain cleaners are often heavily advertised on the internet and TV, with their manufacturers claiming that they do an excellent job. In reality, though, this is not always the case.

Store-bought drain cleaners can unclog a drain, but only on a temporary basis. Furthermore, they do not remove the buildup; meaning, before you know it, your drain will be clogged up again. Most store-bought cleaners are also full of chemicals, which can damage the drainpipe material.

These chemicals create an acidic action that starts to corrode metals and eat through plastic. Moreover, most of the chemicals are highly poisonous and can compromise your health. For these reasons, professional plumbers neither use nor recommend store-bought cleaners.

2. Drain Cleaning Is a Job That Should Be Left to the Plumbing Pros

Drain cleaning is not a job for weekend warriors despite looking pretty straightforward. Yes, there are lots of tools out there to help with drain cleaning. It is tempting, therefore, to purchase these tools and take the matter into your own hands. But the moment you get down to business, you may quickly realize that you bit off more than you can chew.

Professional plumbers have a lot of experience in drain cleaning. This means they know exactly what to do to make sure your drains are properly unclogged and functioning efficiently. Additionally, professional plumbers use the right tools to get the job done. One of these tools is a motorized snake drain, which has what it takes to get through the most obstinate clogs.

3. Drain Cleaning Is a Routine Maintenance Job

Contrary to what the majority believe, drain cleaning is not just for emergencies. Experts recommend that you schedule drain cleaning services and an inspection at least once every year. Regular drain cleaning can significantly improve the performance of the drains in your home.

Routine maintenance effectively gets rid of buildup in your pipes, thereby preventing your drain from clogging. Ideally, experienced local plumbers do not just clean drains and stop there; they go the extra mile to inspect them as well. During the inspection, they look for areas that may need repair. By fixing these areas early enough, professional plumbers can help prevent a minor issue from developing into a major one.

Drain cleaning is not a task for DIY enthusiasts. That is because there is more to it than imagined. We highly recommend that you call your local plumber to help unclog wastewater drains in your home. At Curry Plumbing, we offer professional drain cleaning services to help keep the residents of Bryan, TX happy.

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