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High-Tech Advancements Trending in the Plumbing Industry

Plumber fixing a hot-water heater

It seems like everything these days is becoming more technologically advanced. In many ways, we’re all benefiting from this, as many things are now more convenient, functional, and efficient. The same is true for the plumbing industry. There are a lot of technological advancements being made, and homes around Bryan, TX are being upgraded thanks to these developments.

Tankless Water Heaters

Heating water takes a lot of energy. Many people who are building new homes in Bryan or who are interested in replacing their older water heaters are deciding to go with tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters can provide an endless supply of hot water since they heat water as it flows through them. These types of heaters are typically more efficient than traditional water heaters with tanks. That’s partly because heat loss can occur in tanks.

Smart Water Heaters

Water heaters can be even more functional if they’re equipped with more technology. Some of the newest models have digital thermostats, which lets you be more precise when setting the temperature. They can also feature eco-friendly modes so that they can save hot water at certain times of the day. Through their diagnostic screens, they can let people know about any potential issues.

Advanced Irrigation

Here in Bryan, it can get very hot, and many people have irrigation systems set up to keep their yards flourishing. Sprinklers can be great for our grass and plants, but they’re not always good for our water usage. Fortunately, there are smart irrigation devices that are now available. A “smart” system can be controlled by a digital device that’s connected to an app. Through your computer, tablet, or phone, you can turn sprinklers on and off as well as set timers and make adjustments if we happen to get a lot of rain.

Impressive Showers

Taking a shower can be a whole new experience if the bathroom has been set up with technology in mind. There are Bluetooth showerheads that have built-in speakers so that you can enjoy listening to music. Some showerheads can be turned on and off through voice activation, and the temperature of the water can be set through a digital panel or mobile app.

Smart Toilets

The toilet can be transformed into something totally noteworthy. We can install toilets that have bidets, dryers, heated seats, automatic flushing, ambient lighting, and self-deodorizers. Some might even have Bluetooth capabilities so that they can play music.

There are many trends taking over the industry. Some of them can help us save money, and others are simply fun to have and can enhance our daily experience in the bathroom. Either way, we’re ready to help. Call Curry Plumbing to set up an appointment or ask any plumbing questions.

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