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Residents of Bryan, TX have lots of things to do all summer long. A visit to the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History is a good choice if you want to explore the region in more depth. The Texas International Speedway can be fun for the whole family. But the community’s hot summers linger well into fall each year. That is one of many reasons it is crucial to have working plumbing to stay cool. Here are a few tips to make that process easier.

Clean Those Drains

Drains are there to draw water away and other unwanted waste products directly from your home. While drains are also designed to allow you access to water, it’s important to keep them well tended. Any drain in your home can also become clogged fairly easily, often when you’re least expecting it. When you have problems with a clog in your home, this can lead to issues such as water where you don’t want it, including your bedroom carpeting and kitchen cabinets. This is why it is important to keep your drains clear.

Hair in the shower or food particles in the kitchen sink can easily create buildup and lead to dysfunctional drains that are hard to clean away. Routine cleaning helps head off potential clogs. If you have a problem with your drains, it’s best to have professionals on hand for help with drain cleaning.

Know What Can Go Down Your Pipes and What Cannot

Whether you’re in your first home or your 10th, properly maintained pipes are a must. That’s why you need to keep those pipes working. Certain things can easily get flushed or placed in your garbage disposal. These include toilet paper, soap, standard cleaners and items that will not impede the water flow from one part of the house to another.

Other items should not be placed down the drains at any point. Grease and certain types of foods such as rice can lead to clogs that need professional assistance to remove.

Insulate All Your Pipes

Many homeowners believe insulation is only a necessity for residents who live in colder climates. Even a sudden drop in temperatures can lead to problems with your home’s pipes. That’s why you’ll want to make sure your interior pipes are fully insulated. This is particularly true in areas of the home that are subject to colder temperatures. Your basement, crawlspaces and the attic need that extra layer of protection. This is where moisture tends to accumulate along with ice and frost. Pipe insulation sleeves are easy to install with expert assistance.

You need a plumbing system that is in good working order this summer and all year long. Now is the time to contact Curry Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.

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