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Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Detail Of A Residential Gas Pipe Against A Red Brick Wall

Gas line leaks in Bryan, Texas can be subtle, but they need to be treated as an emergency. If too much gas, such as carbon monoxide or even carbon dioxide, accumulates in your home, it can kill you. Here are some signs of a gas leak:

  • Rotten egg smell
  • Hissing near the gas line
  • Dented or damaged gas pipe
  • Gas bills are unusually high
  • Cloud of dust near gas line

If the leak is such that it causes physical symptoms, you may have trouble breathing and feel dizzy, drowsy, lightheaded or all three. You may have symptoms that feel like the flu. These may include headaches and nausea. You may have chest pains, nose bleeds, pallor and ringing in your ears. You may also lose your appetite, become depressed, and suffer eye and throat irritation.

What to Do When You Have a Gas Line Leak

If you see any of these signs and notice physical symptoms, you need to turn off your gas at the source, and leave your house. Do not call your gas company from your house or use anything electronic in your house. Not only should you not use electricity, but you shouldn’t strike a match or light a candle. A spark as well as static electricity can cause the gas to explode. Once you’re safely outside, use a cell phone to call 911, and then call your gas company. If you feel you need to drive away from your property, only do so if your car is parked outside. Don’t start your car if you have an attached garage and you smell gas.

One way to avoid gas line leaks is to make sure that your gas line and the appliances it feeds are checked every year, usually before the cold season. This includes your gas-fueled furnace, your gas stove and even your gas-fueled generator. Although winters in Bryan are usually mild, there are occasional snowstorms, and you’ll need working gas lines for these cold periods.

Call Us for Gas Line Service

If you think you have a gas line leak, don’t call on our plumbers at Curry Plumbing first. Call your gas company and 911. When the problem is resolved, call us to inspect your gas line. We will give you pointers on ways you can keep yourself and your household safe.

Our plumbers have been proud to serve the residents of Bryan and the area around it for over 17 years. Our plumbers are experienced, licensed and highly rated by our customers. We don’t just install, maintain and inspect gas lines, we also provide other services such as repiping, leak detection, water treatment and drain cleaning. In addition, we perform new construction and remodeling and take care of your faucets, tubs, showers, water heaters and sewer lines. We also serve commercial customers.

If your gas line needs service, don’t hesitate to call us at Curry Plumbing.

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